All Scandinavians Look The Same (Guys) Pt 1

At the end of my All Asian People Look The Same pt 2 post I joked about doing portraits of Scandinavians next.  Well that joke turned into reality after a few failed attempts to get everyone together.  This is the joy of working for an international organization, I get to work with people from all over the world.  

Guy 1

Guy 2

Guy 3

Let us know in the comments who you think is from where.  Example, “I think guy 1 is from…” Next week I’ll post a blog letting you know where each guy is from.  

AshleyA - Alright, I’ll play this game… 

Guy 1: Swedish 

Guy 2: Finnish 

Guy 3: Norwegian 

Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer | The Denny Family

Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer | Honolulu Family Photos 

The Denny family contacted us again and wanted another family photo shoot before we left Honolulu.  So we went to Makapu’u and Chinaman’s hat and got these photos!  
Thank you Denny family for choosing us again as your family photographer!  

Do you have a favorite photo?  Let us know in the comments!

Jojobees - Great job as always! :)

theBAKERSphotography - Thank you :) 

Joby - Yep, I really am appreciative of you and Jess!

lauren - oh my goodness!! I LOVE the bw one with the dad and the boys all on the ground!

theBAKERSphotography - thanks!

theBAKERSphotography - we appreciate you Joby!  The rest of the photos will be mailed out soon!

Dtorino1 - Amazing photography of a truly amazing family!!  I love every single picture taken.

theBAKERSphotography - thank you!

Traveling the East Coast

Our tentative travel schedule.  
We’ve made it safely to the mainland for the Holidays.  We’ll be spending the next 3 months on the mainland visiting friends and family.  The only amendment to the map above is we’ll be spending a day in Toronto as well.  

If you’re near this route and would like some photography done leave us a comment and let us know!  We’ll let you know when we plan on being in your area.  

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!  Take lots of photos:) 

Using Off Camera Flash and What Gear To Buy

Someone facebook messaged me recently and asked for some help with adding an off camera flash to their set up. So here’s a blog post about what off camera flash can do and what gear I use and would recommend.  Using off camera flash is a little advanced, but  if you’re up for it keep reading:) 

These two photos were taken in the same location less than two minutes apart.  The photo on the left, shows you what the scene looks like with natural light.  The photo on the right shows you what you can do with an off camera flash.  Using off camera flash opens up a whole new world of possibilities and when used correctly, can add depth and drama to any photo.  

I was introduced to off camera flash from the strobist website.  Then, through Stanley Leary’s teaching on studio strobes in my school of photography, it all came together.  

I’d recommend having one flash that works on your camera and is reliable. So if you’re only buying one flash I’d honestly recommend one from the same company as your camera.  That way you can use it both on your camera and off your camera, if you have a way to trigger it.

I use the canon 580 ex which I bought with my original dslr.  They don’t make the 580ex anymore but they have replaced it with the 580ex II.  

If you’re a canon shooter there is a whole list of canon flashes that you can use.  

If you’re a Nikon user, here’s their list.  I don’t know anything about Nikon’s though.  

Ready to buy an off camera flash for cheap?  

If you’re looking to add an off camera flash to your set up for CHEAP, I’d recommend getting a yongnuo flash.  I will hopefully soon be adding two YN-560’s to my set up soon.  Yongnuo flashes are Chinese made knock offs of your name brand flashes.  

I read a 2010 review from Strobist saying he can’t recommend them.  But for me at $70 a pop, versus adding another canon flash to my set up for $500+… right now, it’s either add two more flashes or none.  

This is why I recommend that you have your main flash be completely reliable.  I can’t recommend using these as your only flash if you’re doing work where you need your gear to be reliable. 

David from David James Visuals turned me on to the yongnuo flashes and speaks very highly of them.  


A trigger is a device that will signal your flash to fire even though it is off camera.  

You can trigger a few different ways.  This post is already getting way to long and detailed so I will address what these various ways are, and the pluses and negatives of these in a future post.  

1.  You can use a sync cable.  
2.  You can use infrared signal.  
3.  You can use an optical slave.  
4.  Or you can use a radio signal.  

I use pocket wizards plus II’s.  They are also discontinued, but you can still find them.  They have been replaced with plus III’s.  

I went with the radio signal and bought the industry standard.  Again, I was looking for reliability, and reliable they are.  I was the second shooter for a wedding in western NY and the main photographer was firing her flash at the front of the property working with the bride and groom while I was at the back of the property in a barn doing guest portraits.  We happened to be on the  same channel and every time she took a photo, my flash went off even though we were on opposite sides of the property.  

There are other cheaper triggers that have good reviews, I’ve just had no experience with them.  

There are a few accessories that you might want and need.  Such as light stands and light modifiers.  But I will also address those in a future post.  

If you found this post helpful we’d love it if you did two things.  Share this post with your friends on facebook or twitter.  And if you’re going to buy anything, buy from the links within this post and we’ll get a commission from amazon.

Are you ready to take the plunge into using off camera flash?  Leave us a comment and let us know!  Confused?  Got questions?  Ask them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.  

lauren - This is awesome Jim! Flash is my thing to conquer in 2013! 

theBAKERSphotography - thanks Lauren!  If you have any more questions let me know!

Oahu Entertainment Photographer | Jeremy Joseph

Jeremy Joseph contacted me while he was still in Hawaii and needed some promotional photography done.  Jeremy is a rapper from Switzerland, he’s returning there soon to record a full length album.  

Thanks Jeremy for choosing us as your photographer!  Best of luck on your upcoming album!
What’s your favorite photo or photos?  Let us know in the comments.