Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer | The Hakeem Family

Aloha!  I’m still catching up on blog posts.  But please meet the Hakeem family!  

Thank you Hakeem family for choosing us as your family photographers!

Do you have a favorite photo in this set?  Let us know in the comments!

Cheryl Baker - It’s hard to choose. The scenery is beautiful and so is the family. I think the last one caught my eye. So natural looking!!!!!
Great shots.

theBAKERSphotography - thanks!!

Kailua Family Portrait Photographer | The Strawser Family

Greetings from not so sunny Florida.  We’ve done about 4000 miles so far on our east coast journey and have about a month left on our trip.  I’m sorry for being so behind on blogging but here’s a family portrait session we did before we left Hawaii!    

This is the Strawser family.  Dr. Strawser and her husband were having their family visit from the mainland and surprised them with this family photo shoot!  They picked a BEAUTIFUL location in Kailua.  

Thank you Strawser family for choosing us as your family photographer!  

A few more recent photo shoots will be blogged soon!  Do you have a favorite photo from this set?  Comment and let us know!

Grandma - They are all wonderful, as usual.  

theBAKERSphotography - Thank you!

All Scandinavians Look The Same (Guys) Pt 2

We’re on the road, posting from Columbia MD.  We’ve travelled almost 1600 miles so far.  So sorry for the late post.  Here’s the results to the Scandinavian Guys!  

We’ve got 3 family sessions in the queue!  Be looking for them soon!  

This is Aku, he’s from Finland.  

This is Kristian, he’s from Norway.  

This is Robin, he’s from Sweden.  

Did you guess right?  What countries should we do next?  Let us know in the comments.