Honolulu Engagement & Wedding Photographer | Randie Megan and David

Randie Megan contacted us back in the spring and asked us to do photography for her wedding.  She also wanted engagement photos but her fiancé and her were just about to head out and do a missions trip together in Eastern Europe and wouldn’t return until the week of their wedding.  So last Friday we took a little bit of time to grab these photos.  They get married THIS Friday!  

Randie Megan and David, thank you for choosing us as your photographers.  I look forward to photographing your wedding SOON!  

Do you know Randie Megan and David?  If so leave a comment of congrats in the comments.  Or tell us what your favorite photo is from the set!  

Kailua Event Photography | Emma’s 6th Birthday Party!

Last month we were asked to do photography for Emma’s 6th birthday party!  The parties theme was “ART!”  
Happy Birthday Emma!!!

Do you have a favorite photo?  Let us know in the comments!

Madge! - the 10th or 11th picture of the one child not looking enthused with the painting with paper cups and the one of the little girl withall the candles in her cupcake. Nice job, Jim!!

Mom - There are two that caught my eye. The first one was the one with Emma looking at the camera with four other girls eating at a small table and the second one is the black and white one. The are all very colorful and happy pictures. I like them all, nice job!!!

joan n - Beautiful…. You’ve outdone yourself in capturing the fun. It must have been an awesome party….

Oahu Engagement Photographer | Jared and Mahea Part 2

If you didn’t see part 1 of this beautiful couples engagement session go check it out by clicking HERE.

Here’s the long awaited part 2!

And my favorite (posted with their permission) HAIR!  This is the reality of windy days in Hawaii:) 

Congratulations Jared and Mahea!  We wish you a long and happy married life together!!!  Thanks for choosing us as your engagement photographers!  

Do you have a favorite photo?  Let us know in the comments!  

Lauren Merrill - JIM!!! These are SO GOOD!! I LOVE THEM! You rock dude. I love so many of them. The backwards hat is so cool and the shopping carts are unique. My favorite is probably the last one with her hair kinda blocking their almost kiss. AWESOME!

theBAKERSphotography - thanks Lauren!