3 Reasons why you should be using INSTAGRAM!

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I recently started using instagram.  I’ve downloaded this app a few different times before actually signing up and using it.  What sold me this time is a good friend of mine told me it was like facebook without all of the complainingI was sold.  

Instagram is an app for your  iphone.  I don’t know if it works on other smart phones or not, I assume it does.  I have an old iphone 3gs that I don’t use as a phone anymore, so its my glorified Ipod touch.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using instagram if you can.  

Using Instragram will… 

1.  get you exercising your photographic mind.  
Instagram is fun, so you’ll be taking photos a lot more and THINKING about taking photos more.  Subconsciously you will be asking yourself, what is interesting around me that I can take a photo of and share?  Practice makes perfect so this is a great way to get you working, thinking and developing your photographic eye.  It will even help you improve on simple composition.  

2.  put you in community with other photographers.  
Instagram is a COMMUNITY, so you will be following other photographers.  You will be exposed to some great photography and creativity.  Seeing other peoples work always serves as an inspiration and is a great way to get your creativity flowing!  

3.  allow you to share your life in a fun visual way.  
Instagram is a fun way to share what is going on in your life with other people.  What good are your photos if no one sees them?  You can sync it to Facebook and Twitter so you can easily share what you are doing with your social network.  

Did I mention it’s FUN?!  Photography should always be FUN!  

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Deidre - I love INSTAGRAM :) my user name is mrs_dickey

Kevin Stum - Though FB has now bought Instagram for way to much money (aka 1Billion, yes with a B).


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